Osmund Audio 001

Harro Triptrap - First EP

180gr vinyl / recycled cardbox cover, hand printed / Release: 06.11.2015

Harro Triptrap is going to kick out the first OSMUND AUDIO baby. With three 97 BPM slow motion rockets, he’s ready to set things on fire. From Baltic Sea into universe. This EP perfectly suits every after hour from New York to Tokyo. Hyper hypnotic basslines with endless pressure meet a melancholic mood. So let’s jump on to Harros train into nowhere.

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Osmund Audio 002

Alexander Brandl - Second EP

180gr vinyl / recycled cardbox cover, hand printed / Release: 30.06.2017

Things gettin’ faster and more toolish on the second OSMUND AUDIO release. Alexander Brandl’s Second EP is made for the dancefloor. His drawing board is the modular synth, that spat out three massive groovers with chords from outer space, super thick bass lines and a raw and reduced sound design with roughly edited drums.

Schlepp Geist

Live / DJ

"As if she lived forever without beginning somewhere in time. Floating amongst hedonistic thrill of ecstasy and a furnished room with attendance, between twitchy dancefloors and greenyards, beneath funkyness and passing telephone poles."

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Daniel Czerner


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Harro Triptrap

Live / DJ

Harro Triptrap is an intangible character. Trying to understand him means to be him. Nobody knows how long he’s staying, but he definitely will leave his traces.

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Schlepp Geist + Daniel Czerner


Alexander Brandl